What is the PARTNER Network?

A national rural Practice-Based Research Network, called PARTNER, has been established under the Australian Teletrial Program to support primary care trials. PARTNER is spearheaded by a dedicated network of internationally recognized academic GPs and primary care experts focused on enabling rural primary care to develop and conduct trials as well as connect their practices to teletrials to benefit their patients and community.

General Practitioners who wish to conduct or participate in clinical trials under the Australian Teletrial Program can join the PARTNER Network. Your general practice can become a member in the network so that you can link patients to primary care clinical trials.

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The PARTNER Network creates an environment of research-ready GP practices that improves the speed and quality of research conducted in primary care, and allows patients in regional, rural, or remote locations equity in access to clinical trials and improved health outcomes.

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What is the PARTNER Network?

PARTNER is a responsive network that embraces a whole of practice approach to primary care research to allow member practices and their whole team learn, develop and participate in research based on their interest and availability.

The PARTNER Network:

  • Better aligns research to clinical need
  • Generates new ideas for research from GPs’ clinical work
  • Encourages collaborative research that uses members’ own clinical data to address research questions
  • Builds research capacity in the primary healthcare workforce
  • Creates a primary healthcare workforce that better understands research.

How to get involved

Contact the PARTNER Network National Manager Dr Suzie Harte at:

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The Australian Teletrial Program will improve access to, and participation in, clinical trials for rural, regional and remote Australians.