What is a teletrial?

A teletrial is a clinical trial that is delivered closer to home, particularly for regional, rural and remote patients. It includes groups of clinical trials sites that work together under the supervision of a lead clinician. This means that a clinician who is local to you is supervised by the lead clinician to facilitate the clinical trial visit locally. 

Speak to your doctor about clinical trials, or visit the Australian Clinical Trials website to find a trial and to hear patient stories.

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What are the benefits of the Australian Teletrial Program?

You can be seen closer to home leading to:

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Local Support

Being able to participate in a clinical trial with family, community and local healthcare support

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Equitable Access

Equity of access for all Australians to clinical trials and improved access to new therapies
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Reduced Time & Costs

Reduction in travel and accommodation costs

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The Australian Teletrial Program will improve access to, and participation in, clinical trials for rural, regional and remote Australians.